Personal Sound Amplifiers

Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA’s) are like “pre-programmed” hearing aids. They look like and work like sophisticated hearing aids and include modern digital hearing technology. At only $189for a pair,they are fraction of the cost of expensive hearing aids!



The Personal Sound Amplifier boosts volumes of sounds (see arrows) coming in at each frequency by the amount required by someone with a typical pattern mild to moderate “high frequency hearing loss”. This helps your brain “fills in the gaps” and hear the high-frequency sounds in speech that you had been missing, making conversations much easier to follow. So when you need help to follow conversations, watch the TV, or listen to the radio, simply pop in the PSA and you won’t miss a thing!

In contrast to hearing aids, Personal Sound Amplifiers are pre-programmed to suit the most common patterns of hearing loss. Hearing aids, on the other hand, are programmed by Hearing Care Professionals in the clinic to match the hearing loss of the client.

If you have been told that your hearing loss is a mild to moderate, high frequency hearing loss caused by the ageing process and/or noise exposure, then this solution could be for you!

Personal Sound Amplifier scan be a great first step!

Manypeople living with hearing loss that is particularly severe or unique will be best served with more expensive, custom-fitted solutions*. However, as a first step for people who can manage with their hearing most of the time and aren’t ready to invest several thousand dollars on hearing aids, a Personal Sound Amplifier, such as the RCA SymphonixPSA,can bea great first step!

* If you are suffering assymetrical hearing loss (very different in either ear), or your hearing loss has come on very suddenly, we strongly recommend that you see an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist. These could be indicators of a more serious medical condition.