Ensuring that every Australian has access to better hearing is one of the federal government’s key health priorities. Hearing Services Program provides free hearing tests and hearing aids* to pensioners and veterans, which are available through accredited providers.

*Conditions Apply

Who is eligible?

You are eligible if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, 25 years of age and over, meeting one of the following criteria:
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Gold Health Repatriation Card
  • White Health Repatriation Card (specifying hearing loss)
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  • You may also be eligible if you are:
Dependent on a person in one of the above categories
  • Active member of the Defence Force
  • Client of CRS Australia

How can you apply?

If you believe that you may be eligible, complete an online application for a voucher from the Office of Hearing Services. (Link: https://www.hearingservices.gov.au/wps/portal/hso/site/application)

Benefits provided to clients under the scheme

Most services and hearing aids under the program are free. If your clinical hearing needs require a device outside of these free options, your provider may arrange this with the Office. There may also be situations where you will be asked to pay additional costs:
  • “Top-up” devices:Client contributes to the cost in order to obtain more advancedhearing aids
  • Hearing aid maintenance program:You can choose to pay a maintenance fee to your hearing services provider each year. This will cover service, repairs and batteries for your hearing device.
  • Minor maintenance:This will cover service, repairs and batteries for your hearing device.
  • Replacement fees:If you lose your hearing device or it is damaged beyond repair, you need to contact your hearing services provider.

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