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Lyric offers hope for people who don’t want a hearing aid

Lyric is a hearing solution that is perfect for people who don’t like the thought of wearing a hearing aid. Being completely invisible deep inside the ear canal enables Lyric to best utilise the normal function of the ear and produce a more natural sound quality than traditional, visible hearing aids.

Traditional hearing aids require wearers to remember to: remove them for showering, change batteries or recharging, and regular cleaning. In contrast,  Lyric are wear and forget. With Lyric, you can swim#, run, answer your phone, and sleep without having to remove your hearing aids*.

Sitting just 4mm from your eardrum, Lyric uses the natural anatomy of your ears to improve sound quality and localisation, while eliminating feedback and significantly reducing wind noise.

You’ll pay as you wear them… and wont if you don’t.

If you’ve ever been recommended hearing aids by a Hearing Care Provider, you’ll no doubt remember your initial shock when first told the price. Lyric is different.

Every three-months, you’ll need to come in for a quick appointment to remove and replace your Lyric devices, before their tiny batteries run flat. If you choose to continue with Lyric after a free one-month trial, you’ll only pay for the next three months. If you want to continue after that, you’ll continue to pay only for the next subscription period, and so on.

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Hearing World want to ensure that anyone who can benefit from this solution have the chance to experience Lyric rather than simply ‘read about’ it. So, we have partnered with leading audiologists to offer free initial consultations and one-month trials of Lyric.

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