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HearingWorld.com is a hub that brings together people with hearing difficulties with the information, professionals, and solutions that will help them.

The mission of HearingWorld.com is to help people under the importance of, and take earlier actions to address, their hearing loss– before it affects their ability to best connect with their people and their world.
Simon Hammond

Changing world of hearing technology

In the last few years, there has been incredible development in the area of personal sound amplification devices (psaps). They are pre-programmed to “typical” hearing amplification needs, and include ‘noise reduction’ technology.

Even more recently, hearing aid manufacturers have realised that they are serving more and more technically capable users. With the support of a free smartphone application, “off the shelf” hearing devices enable wearers to perform their own hearing tests. Using the results, the device is then calibrated for the your unique pattern of hearing loss.

Both PSAPs and SPADs are far less expensive than traditional hearing aids. While the cost of traditional hearing aids includes high levels of clinical assessment and individualisation by a trained Hearing Care Professional, PSAPs and SPADs don’t include this in-person services.

Rather than being a competitor to traditional hearing aids, which will always be required by people with significant and more complex hearing losses, PSAPs and SPADs can offer help to people right now who:

  • Don’t want to yet invest in the huge cost of hearing aids
  • Want something they can use when hearing becomes tougher, rather than something they wear all the time
  • Want something to make music sound richer, crisper audio watching television, and clear phone calls

Have more mild losses, where they can get buy a lot of the time without hearing aids

Why shop here?

Why shop here?

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